WKMT guarantees your children's success at the MAT test in London



MAT (Musical Aptitude Test) London at WKMT

Training without professional monitoring means risking your children access to musical scholarships, high rank institutions and specialized musical programmes. 
At WKMT we count with a specialized team devoted to help your children to show their true potential at the MAT test (Musical Aptitude Test). 
Children’s musicality can’t be expressed in full without counting with the right training.
Our professional team strive to prepare our candidates so that they face no surprises the day of the exam.  
In this exam, being a performer gives you no advantage over non-musically trained applicants; this test is about natural musicality…
Each one of these areas will be developed independently making sure our candidates can react promptly and successfully to the musical stimuli provided by the examiner. 
Our candidates remain calm and look accomplished during the exam process, mainly because they can anticipate every step. From listening and singing back a scale to playing a pre-prepared piece, every applicant is trained until answers come almost automatically. 
We can only express ourselves naturally if we are confident about what we are doing. Building solid confidence start from acknowledging the challenges we will be facing; in this case…

How to start your MAT training at  WKMT

First, an assessment lesson is booked. This is a pay-as-you-go appointment meant to check your children current musical knowledge and to introduce them to the very basic notions of the examination. This lesson is 60 minutes long. 
After the appointment finishes, and if you feel satisfied with the pedagogical approach, environment and general outcome of the lesson, we propose a course of action which is tailored to fit the MAT programme. The one-to-one course length will depend on the candidate’s potential, learning style and current musical knowledge. 

Our MAT director summarizes our approach


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WKMT welcome students from all ages and backgrounds interested in developing their musical skills guaranteeing them successful training.