WKMT harpsichord lessons in Kensington and Chelsea

Harpsichord Lessons in London by WKMT

Harpsichord lessons delivered by passionate teachers

At WKMT we believe the tradition that comes together with the Harpsichord cannot be dismissed or forgotten. Based on the later is that we have opened our Harpsichord department. 


Our Harpsichord Teachers

One of our WKMT scholars, Prof. Avelino Vazquez Groba and the head of WKMT Camberwell, Cristina Guerra, are in charge of our new Harpsichord department.
Finding the perfect harpsichord teacher in London can prove to be quite a challenge. 
The harpsichord is an instrument studied by a minority of music students, and therefore independent harpsichord teachers are scarce. At WKMT we have organized a solid harpsichord teacher department which can consistently teach our Harpsichord students. 
Our teachers are highly qualified and count with above ten years of experience teaching students of all levels and ages. 



We currently host our beautiful Harpsichord at St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens, our concert venue. The atmosphere is ideal in terms of the room's temperature and humidity. The size of the music room allows student and teacher to gain the right acoustic insight which encourages an in-depth professional work of polyphonic passages.


We encourage all harpsichord students in London who are looking to start taking lessons in London to get in touch so we can arrange a quick start. 


Our fabulous “Delf” grand Harpsichord is a handcrafted instrument produced following the most rigorous Italian procedures. Of English manufacture, this instrument counts with two different registers. Avelino Vazquez Groba is in charge of keeping this instrument up to the highest of playable standards.


Our Harpsichord Teachers Team

Avelino Vazquez Groba

Harpsichord Teacher

Avelino Vazquez Groba was born in Orense (Spain) in 1982. He started harpsichord studies with Fernando Lopez Pan at the Conservatories of Orense and A Coruña. He got a place at the Conservatory of Terrassa (Barcelona) where he stayed studying harpsichord and basso continuo for ten years with Jordi Reguant.

In Terrassa, he also had the opportunity to assist to organ lessons for three years with Jordi Figueras.

After finishing in Barcelona with mention of honour, he carryied on studying at the Conservatory of Vigo (Galicia, Spain) with Alicia Alcayna. He has also taken advanced courses of harpsichord, organ and Chamber music with professors such as Yasuko Uyama Bouvard, David Van Asch, Fernando Lopez Pan, Toni Millan and Maria Nacy.

He has performed various solo recitals in places such as Casa Allegre, Chapel of the Josefines and Church of San Peter in Terrassa. Also in the Municipal Auditoriums of Vigo and Orense. He has also had the great opportunities of accompanying various groups and orchestras linked to the conservatories of Vigo and Barcelona.

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Cristina Guerra Juan

Harpsichord Teacher | Head of WKMT Camberwell

Born in Santander, Spain, Cristina started piano at the age of ten. Her studies began in León Conservatory where she reached the highest level of qualifications. Following this, Cristina moved to Barcelona where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Music, focussing on piano and harpsichord. Her first concert as a piano soloist was given at the age of eleven in Ángel Barja Auditory (León). This was the start of a lengthy career as a concert pianist. She has performed in piano and harpsichord concerts in several Spanish festivals for many years now. Furthermore, she has won many piano competitions, including Prada a Tope Music competition, Rio Órbigo piano competition, and an honor mention as the best piano student in the José Castro Conservatory. With over eight years experience as a piano teacher, Cristina has additional qualifications which enable her to be a highly qualified tutor. These include a Masters degree in Musical Therapy and Teacher Training. Currently, she is studying Psychology to further improve her skills as a teacher.


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