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Abel Carlevaro (1916–2001) was a virtuoso performer, classical guitar composer and teacher born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
He established a new school of instrumental technique, incorporating a fresh approach to seating and playing the guitar, based on anatomical principles.
Carlevaro’s Guitar Technique is based basically upon the idea of obtaining the maximal result with the minimum effort.
In order to achieve this, the student must go through an intense mental work to resolve problems concerning the instrument and physical effort to mechanise the fingers methodically.
“Technique is, above all, a mental activity  which dictates the movements of the fingers. This term is often wrongly used to mean rapidity, agility, uncontrolled speed, thus ignoring essential elements such as measure, order and evaluation provided by our mind, to reach total submission of the fingers to achieve our purposes successfully. Furthermore, technique should also be understood as the achievements of maximum results with a minimum effort, through the power of our mind.” This is the perspective of our classical guitar tutors in London.

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Gisela Paterno

Guitar Head MI

My guitar studies started when I was thirteen years old. My first approach to this instrument was from a popular music background. Then,  at the age of 18 I started my classical training at the University of Buenos Aires.

My teaching approach is based on the classical technique which I firmly consider absolutely necessary to achieve excellence in performance, either addressing classical or popular music.

Lessons are tailored to each student's need. Although I follow a common technical method the style of the pieces can vary from one student to the other  

Being also a composer, allows me to give all of my students a greater understanding of how music works and therefore this allows to have a greater appreciation for it, providing the resources to create their own music, harmonizing solos, melodies and make own song arrangements.


Thomas Rickerby

Guitar Associate Teacher

Tom Rickerby has over 10 years’ experience as a guitarist. His speciality of pop and rock guitar makes him an extinguished alumni of the British Academy of New Music, holding a level 3 diploma in ‘Performing Musician’. His expertise covers both electric and acoustic guitar, and has performed live across London and in studios as a session guitarist. His Lessons take a student-lead approach, and has experience in teaching absolute beginners to the more advanced intermediate musicians in both pop and rock styles


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