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Why taking Cello Lessons at WKMT?
Gisella Paterno, active composer and piano teacher, is the most motivating teacher if you are looking to discover the boundaries of Cello performance. Former student of Sergio Castrillón, she specialises in contemporary technique. She will make sure you develop an insatiable appetite for the new.
Our cello department consistently work on the main subjects related to cello learning. Music theory, Technique and repertoire are taken into account when defining your study plan. Our teachers are experiences training students for British Grading examinations -ABRSM and Trinity College-, as well as preparing A-Levels and University entries. We can teach students of all ages and levels from complete beginners to Bachelor Degree Level. 

Our Cello Teachers Team

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Gisela Paterno

Associate Cello Teacher

Gisela Paterno is an achieved composer, pianist and cellist. Her music has been always connected to the contemporary collective. Her approach to cello lessons is clear and very straight forward. She is a pure blood contemporary musician with a deep understanding of cello extended techniques.

She will capture the essence of any modern piece and translate into an easy to understand code for her students. She is the perfect teacher for those looking to improve their understanding about contemporary classical music performance and beginners.

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Szymon Pawlas

Associate Cello Teacher

Szymon's musical journey began at the age of 7, when he started to play piano. His passion drove him to expand his musical experiences and so, at the age of 8, he joined the Music School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, where he began studying cello in the class of professor Adam Markwica (cello concertmaster in Silesian Opera in Bytom, Poland).


In 2009, prepared by professor Pawel Glabik, Szymon gained a place at the prestigious Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. His teacher was professor Marek Szopa (cellist in the National Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Radio), who drew the young cellist to the depth of the orchestral repertoire. In 2010 Szymon won a principal chair of the Academic Symphony Orchestra. During this period he was actively participating in various chamber ensembles as well. First teaching experience the cellist gained in the years 2011/2012, when he returned to his hometown , this time to assist his teacher, professor Adam Markwica at the Music School. Shortly afterwards, in 2012, Szymon obtained a Bachelor degree from the Academy of Music in Katowice.


Since 2016, Szymon is a principal cellist of the Notting Hill Orchestra for Film Music and from 2017 a member of Notting Hill Orchestra Soloists. Passionate about chamber music, he also performs with different ensembles abroad and around London. Recently, Szymon joined the teaching faculty in the Dotted Note School of Music, where he teaches cello and piano.


Szymon's musical interests encompass many genres in addition to classical music, including classical rock, film music, jazz and ethnic music which resulted in him becoming a member of the MANASUNA.


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