Piano lessons for Adults at WKMT – Why should we be equipped differently for them?...

Piano lessons for Adults at WKMT – Why should we be equipped differently for them?...

Piano lessons for Adults at WKMT 05.08.2016, London, UK – Piano lessons for Adults require a completely different approach from those ones delivered to children. Mainly because the starting point is different, the motivators are of a completely different kind and, in general, the objective is also far more intricate and personal than a child who might be brought to lessons by their parents.

Many professionals come to us seeking to complete a dream they left unattended in their childhood and they could never found time to do it. Piano lessons offer us the chance of spending some quality time with ourselves. When we retire, when we break up from a relationship, when we are facing different hardships, in all those circumstances we can benefit from a better connection with our inner-selves.

I heard many times how people loses their path and fall into depression after retiring or after quitting a job. In many cases we can attribute this to the lack of an alternative way of occupying their time in an activity capable of providing clear and developmental goals.

One of the wonders of taking piano lessons as adults is that you learn to spend and enjoy long hours relating to music and to your own. Getting to know a piece means that you get a glimpse into the “feel” of the society and the era in which it was created. By performing it in the intimacy of your house surrounded by the environment you created to contain your instrument, you will slowly find your place inside that abstract structure the piece is: your version.

The way in which we formed our approach to “piano lessons for adults” involves motivating our students to express their own identity. We will expose you to as much repertoire as possible, we will create an experience that is enjoyable from every perspective. You will be taking your lessons within an inspirational environment, surrounded by fine décor, the best complimentary drinks including, espresso coffee, artisan teas and wine.

Learning music is a treat and we do our best to make you get that message from all your senses.


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