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How to avoid a strenuous posture through a correct body position and guitar placement - Guitar tips

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

All the concepts written here are taken from the book “Abel Carlevaro’s School of guitar foundations for a good guitar playing” this have been mainly my technical foundation as a guitarist and helped me dearly throughout the years.

A very frequent problem when we begin to play the guitar (and even with some intermediate students) is how to balance our body toward the instrument.

“The guitar must accommodate to the body, not the body to the guitar” Carleravo always used to say, and it is very true. Movements should be executed without affecting the balance of the instrument, one cannot assume a posture that inhibits free execution: both hands should be absolutely free and relaxed to play, not to hold the instrument in any way.

How to sit

The first step is to attain what Carlevaro calls “stable Equilibrium” which is a neutral state by using our feet as motor elements, one (the left) towards in front, the other towards the back (the right). These two parameters allow the body balance and also the mobility of the body, as this can move forward and backward according to the pressure applied to one foot or the other.

How to hold the instrument

1 – Placing and balancing the guitar

“The guitar must accommodate itself to the human body without altering its equilibrium, and without interfering with the performer’s freedom of movement” in this way, the performer should feel free either playing the highest and the lowest register of the instrument. The body should be able to move without hindrance, forward and toward the left, so as to put even the highest of the fingerboard within easy reach of the hand. The right shoulder should not be forced forward (Fig. 1a) or upward (Fig. 1b) in order to set the arm over the upper part of the guitar.

The instruments lean on the left leg, with the upper side close to the chest and the guitar neck pointing outwards (Fig. 2)

On the next article at WKMT Blog, we will cover stability and points of contact.

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