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March has been an intense, rewarding and exciting month at WKMT.

On the 11th March, I took part in a successful Festival both as a teacher and performer. It was very rewarding to see my students performing on a Concert Grand Piano and being able to show their improvements to their proud parents and families. Performing is an important experience for building up confidence both for children and adults and students at WKMT got the best opportunity to express themselves in a popular venue and on a fantastic Piano. Well done to all the students for their great achievement!

I can`t enough thank Juan and Gisela for the impeccable organisation, for their hard work to let my Violinist Hitomi and me to perform Beethoven “Kreutzer” Sonata in this important event. It has been really fun and the hall was crowded too! The audience seemed pleased by our performance of such a monumental Sonata. This means that Classical Music is for everybody and not only for an elite of connoisseur. We also had the immense opportunity to perform a beautiful piece composed by Gisela Paterno “Phantasy for Piano and Violin”.

The performance was such a success that Hitomi and me had the opportunity to perform an entire Recital at St. Cuthbert Church on the 25TH March where we also performed Beethoven Violin Sonata n. 6 in A major. It was another successful evening in beautiful surrounding.

Special thanks to:

Gisela: we were very pleased and lucky to perform your piece. You couldn`t give us a better present than that. We learnt to know your deep and sensitive soul through your music.

Juan: your organisational skills are exceptional and thanks again for the opportunities you gave us. Thank you very much for creating WKMT and delivering Piano lessons, Music and your Art to London at such a high standard.

Hitomi: your advice is always very much appreciated. Thank you very much for playing, rehearsing with me even if you had a crazy schedule. You rock!!

Thanks, everyone who is reading and supporting us. Happy Music!

The piece Sabrina is referring to, you can listen to it from this link:

"Gisela Paterno “Phantasy for Piano and Violin, op 28: Music that lives inside and not outside."

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