PIANO AND ITS PEDALS - Interesting question when delivering #pianoless

PIANO AND ITS PEDALS - Interesting question when delivering #pianolessonsforkids #pianolessonsforbeg

As a child: Hasn't you ever asked what are the piano pedals for?

Students new to the piano often ask about the purpose of each of the piano's pedals. The sustain pedal on the far right preventing the damper bar from hitting the strings in order to sustain the notes we play is the one we are most familiar with, but the other two may be complete mysteries to beginners.

After learning the use and importance of all the pedals in the article below, it is also important to consider putting them into practise by experimenting with them in any of the pieces you are currently learning.

It is also useful to try them out on scales and arpeggios to see how they affect the sound of something you are so familiar with hearing whilst improving you technique using them. See the article below.


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