Pre - grade / Levels 1, 2 and 3 - Piano lessons for Beginners at WKMT

Introduction to piano performance Equivalent to pre - grade ABRSM

One of the reasons some students decide to not follow the ABRSM syllabus is due to the narrowness of repertoire proposed by this programmes.

Nevertheless, it is fundamental for a beginner piano student to keep on following an organized lesson plan. This syllabus reinforces the skills they need to develop in order to settle strong foundations.

Objectives for the first three levels

  • To develop a good understanding of main musical concepts through performing selected piano pieces

  • To develop the habit of practising on a daily basis

  • To develop good piano-posture following the basics of in relaxation and breathing management

  • To develop a solid piano technique which can provide the grounds for artistic development.

  • To start developing a deep understanding of musical language and musical expression through piano performance

  • To start understanding how analytic-memory works

  • To develop the skill of performing with an audience

  • To develop the skill of performing da capo a fine

  • To develop a collection of skills necessary to face the challenges proposed by relevant musical scores

  • To start understanding how to use the piano pedals correctly

  • To acquire the technical awareness necessary to perform the pieces of each level at the right speed

Pre Grade - Level 1

Instrumental skills to develop

  • Lateral awareness

  • Relaxation

  • Breathing

  • Posture: distance to the keyboard, height and settlement

  • Hand positioning

  • Fingering

Minimum skills to be developed
  • Articulations: legato, stacatto

  • Fingering

  • Touch sensitivity.

  • Settlement

  • Main Chords

  • Hand repositioning

Simple reading skills to develop
  • Keyboard awareness

  • Awareness of high and low pitches

  • Note names

  • Imitative performance

  • Location of middle

  • Treble and bass clef

  • How notes move in the keyboard

  • Slur and its functions (linking and prolonging)

  • Chords

  • Time signatures 2/4, ¾ and 4/4

  • Rests

  • Alterations

  • Accompaniments

  • Major scale

  • Punctuality and attendance

  • Respect towards the teacher

  • Care of the pedagogic material

  • Homework completion

  • Focusing

  • Interest shown towards music

  • Willness

  • Perseverance for their studies

Pre Grade - Level 1 repertoire

  • 3 etudes: Beyer Op. 101 from ex. No 16, Czerny Op.599 from lesson No 11

  • 3 Bartok Etudes: Mikrokosmos vol. 1,pieces of choice amongst exercises 1 and 12

  • 3 Vocational pieces: From arrangements

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