WKMT at Arts Club 1901 – 07.2016

It is a great delight to share with our community this wonderful trailer of our last festival, held at ARTS CLUB 1901, Waterloo, London.

Evening of Success

It was a pleasure to welcome our students at the ARTS CLUB 1901 to enjoy this superb music celebration. The evening started with the children and continued with the adults followed by our Patron’s concert.

It is amazing to see entire families gathered to celebrate music. It is paramount for our students to feel supported and encouraged to perform always better and better. For that reason, we make sure, that as a serious music studio we are, we provide the perfect platform for this to happen.

Source of Motivation

There is nothing more motivating than watching our seniors in action.

Every children and adult concert was followed by a professional concert in which teachers performed for students. It was wonderful the enthusiasm these concerts were received with by the audience.

The Children were outstanding!

Our children performed beautifully. We started with 3 year olds covering all ages until 18. Luka Markovic performed an entire Haydn Sonata! …proper concert standard piece, and he is just 11 years old!

We had pianists, violinists and singers involved in the recital. No one seemed nervous and the performance happened just as planned.

Our Adults

The concert was rich in variety. We had performers from early grades to Diploma. Maryam Torshizi -Diploma Level- performed her original piece. The work was half way between Piazzolla and Ravel, and portrayed fabulously the passion and commitment this serious piano student puts to her studies.

Next Festival 11.02.2017

We are now heading towards our next festival the 11th of February 2017. We will most probably repeat the same venue, Arts Club 1901 in Waterloo, or, if everything runs smoothly, we might organize it in our brand new studio!

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