Piano lessons in London should focus on avoiding stress! - Defining negative movements

Piano lessons in London - Piano lessons in London should specifically focus on avoiding performance stress. Our sessions focus particularly on spotting when inappropriate muscular tension may arise and explaining our students how to prevent this from happening. Learning about how the excessive tension feels at a muscular level is quintessential if we want to combat it.

The stress is provoked in general by anxiety. Basically as soon as we lose control of our movements, our brain starts sending messages to our muscles so they get tensed and ready to react quickly. One of the ways to avoid stress successfully is to organize what we call the negative movements.

We will consider negative any movement that is not directly related to produce a sound. For instance, when we lift our forearm to get ready to then release its weight on the keyboard targeting a key, we are not producing any sound. Of course this action, while silent, remains a fundamental step towards a quality tone production.

These movements take time and space in our performance and regardless their silent profile, they actually play an important role in the general coordination of all the movements involved in performing.

Piano lessons traditionally do not focus on these aspects of the learning process. The main reason being: they don’t produce any sound. At WKMT, we believe can approach this performance dimension from the beginning.

Movements like forearm, arm, wrist and rotation are called compound movements. These specifically involve very large negative phases. In our piano lessons we will put special emphasis on these preparatory stages which will play a decisive role in the tone production.

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