The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at West Kensington Music Team

Updated: Jan 18

Have you ever experienced some kind of admiration for somebody you recently met? I have. I don’t usually open up my heart this way while writing, but I think this is a worth occasion to do so after a rushing week at work. The person I’m talking about is one of the best piano teachers in London nowadays, Juan José Rezzuto, who is named after his father. Growing demand for piano teachers in London has paved the way for me to take more responsibilities as Juan’s personal assistant at West Kensington Music Team, a splendorous music academy of which I’m a proud member. This granted me the chance to have a closer insight into what the academy is like, its dynamics, its associate piano teachers, its students and the role Juan has in such a prestigious institution. I also had the opportunity to interact with Juan’s father more often in order to take care of administrative matters. This helped me realise why this music school is so successful. I have learnt that the cornerstone at WKMT is hard work and perseverance. Juan has relentlessly worked to become a sound pianist and teach piano lessons at the music school of his dreams. He has achieved his objectives so far, so I think he is worth admiring. He is the living example that one can reach any objective no matter how distant it may seem to be. After I met Juan’s father while I was teaching English at a language institute, I realised there was something different about him. He hadn’t come to study English for the sake of it; I could see that Juan (father) had a purpose in mind. In the course, I could see that he wanted to learn English no matter the cost and that he showed greater enthusiasm than any of the other students. He regularly shared feelings and experiences about his son in London, which we found hard to believe because they seemed to be taken out from a fairy tale. While Juan narrated stories about his son, I could see the vivid devotion to his son while he spoke. Little did I know that everything he shared in the classroom was only a small portion of the whole reality. Now, I know the extent of his son’s work in London and how excellent his piano lessons are. I’m proud not only because of having met Juan, but also because of having become a member of staff at this beautiful and prosperous music school. What is ahead now? I’m pretty sure piano lessons will become even more successful all across London, so we have to get ready because more and more students will join us. There’s a lot of work to do, but I’m sure that following both father and son’s footsteps, success is guaranteed right around the corner.

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