Music Production London

Music Production

We conceive the music production process as a whole

As performers, composers and audio engineers we professionally take care of every single step involved in the music creation. We start from listening to the idea and we finish when we hand in the final recording, full score or video.

Within our multifaceted team we handle all the different disciplines that may cooperate in the music production

Directed by Juan Rezzuto, our team involves professional and classically trained composers, performers of different instruments including sax, cello, horn, piano, violin, flute, clarinet…, sound engineers and video editors whose expertise guarantee the quality of our products.

At WKMT we create music

Our production speaks for us. With awarded works premiered around the world in mainstream channels, high profile composition contests, serious academic environments, main ballet houses and world famous theatres we define ourselves as one of the most versatile and fast growing music production team in London.
With combined experience of over 15 years, WKMT are experts in every aspect of making music. Our creativity, connections and knowledge of the business are something we wish to share with our clients to help them attain their musical aspirations.


Old Town Hall, Birmingham 22.02.2015

by Juan Rezzuto

Op. 30 No. 2 Preludes 

by Juan Rezzuto

Main Theme soundtrack for the film "La Celebracion".

Primetime mainstream TV chanel TELEFE Argentina 03.04.2014 23.30hs

Starring: Claudia Lapaco, Monica Villa and Alan Daicz

Op.29 La Chanteouse

by Juan Rezzuto

Op. 26, Ballet No. 2


Comissioned for "The Fringe Edinburgh". This is a full orchestra piece structured in four movements. The first one and the last one are explore the potential of the full orchestra and the middle ones for chamber group. 

"Masks at sea" for classical orchestra

by Gisela Paterno

"In plena pace" 

For Quintet of Flute, Soprano Sax,  Classical Guitar, Violin and Cello

Played by Ars Magna Ensemble


by Gisela Paterno

Op. 11 "Gracia Maxima"

Aerial Ballet for Chamber Orchestra


by Juan Rezzuto

Jest and Riddle


Gisela Paterno, premiered in NYC - USA

Op. 2  "El Chico", soundtrack extract



3rd place at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival 2007

"Chaos to cosmos" for string quartet

by Gisela Paterno

"From A to B"

For Cello with pedalboard, Electronics and Visuals

Gisela Paterno

Our production style ranges from eminently classical to commercial, epic, pop and academic.
We have worked for very well renowned organizations as well as for promising and emerging artistic enterprises.


Markson's Pianos


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