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At WKMT we offer comprehensive support for all students preparing the GCSE music exams

Preparing for your GCSE Music examination can prove to be a challenging enterprise. We are here to help you getting the best marks possible by raising your confidence through a solid training.


At WKMT we specialize in GCSE Music training, we know what you need to know and we are ready to help you any time you need us. We will set the basis and/or fill the gaps in your preparation forging the solid structure which ultimately guarantees your success. 

We cover all areas included in the GCSE music exam

Elements of music

Elements of music

Notation: We know very well about the difficulties that notation present to students from all levels; that’s why we have developed a practical and easy method to catch up with this subject faster than anyone else. Reading and writing music has never been so easy! Instrumentation: We know exactly what you need to learn for the exam. Being such a wide field it is paramount to focus on those questions which are more likely to be asked. Melody: Intervals, scales, phrasing… and all the different top

Popular music

Popular music

We will go as deep as you need on Blues, Film music, Jazz, Sampling, Popular music of the 1960s, R 'n' B, Hip-hop and Rock music

The western tradition

The western tradition

You need to cover some the basics of Baroque and classical music. The focus is mainly placed on musical forms so we will make sure you understand everything you need about sonatas, concertos, music for voices and programmatic music

Music in the 20th century

Music in the 20th century

You will end learning all you need to know about expressionism, minimalism and musical theatre going from Schoenberg’s concept of motifs to the ground breaking music of the XX century.

Music for Dance

Music for Dance

Main features of American, Irish, Bangra and other international dances which will help you scoring high in your exams.

World music

World music

You will end knowing everything about Celtic rock, Gamelan music, music of Africa, music of India, music of the Caribbean and/or any other regional style.

​GCSE Music: Quick review of general structure and particular pedagogical approach


Whenever we talk about a standardized model of evaluation, we certainly are speaking about a way to facilitate higher education institutions, employers and other stakeholders to know what a certain individual has studied and assessed. Therefore, GCSE subject criteria is aimed to encourage all students to achieve a certain level of knowledge and to acquire certain skills distributed throughout three different areas of the same academic weighting which are necessary to reach a proper level of understanding agreed by the ruling educational institutions of the country; in this case of analysis, in the area of Music.Taking into account the three different assessment objectives: AO1) Performing Skills; AO2) Composing Skills; AO3) Listening and appraising skills, two areas of study must be assessed through both AO3 and another of them. Being this rules a guide to achieve an accepted level of understanding for the students’ age, teachers should never forget the importance of making the best of them according to their level of maturation in each aspect of their personalities. Having in mind that any Musical output, in the composition and performing areas, relies on a sublimation mechanism, we have to be always aware of which is our students approach to art and of which are the sources of their motivation.As a tutor, my approach to any subject will prioritize three concepts: subject accomplishment, student’s personal development and motivation.Every subject should be accomplished in time not by putting unbearable pressure on our students but making a good reading of their particular potentials. This pedagogical attitude helps me to choose the most appropriate work to be done by encouraging autonomous research in a specific and attractive area of study.Every time we work on an academic field we have to remember that the normalized methodology should never turn out into a prison for creativity but, on the contrary, should be a source of confidence and guidance when designing a student development plan. Our ultimate aim as tutors is to make our students objectively better in the discipline we are helping them to understand. Taking that into consideration and following this objective first than anything else is that we are going to build strong and successful personalities which do well at the final stages of examination.At the exam all our students should not be tremulous but should show the confidence obtained through hard work. The solid answers they provide must be a proof of their developed sense of understanding and their personal ideas the hint of a brave but always enquiring spirit.

Our team of GCSE Music teachers

Gisela is a specialized piano and music theory teacher graduated from the renowned Santa Ana Conservatoire (Buenos Aires - Argentina). She is a superb musician, specialized in delivering high quality piano lessons, capable of playing piano, cello and guitar at concert standards. Her piano mentor and muse was Mercedes Vinci, a renowned Piano Maestro in Buenos Aires. In Argentina we are lucky to have a large tradition of high profile Concert Pianists like Bruno Gelber, Martha Argerich and Daniel Baremboim who are inspirational to the new generations world wide and who inspire and direct the study plans in our main national conservatories. Her concert repertoire includes pieces like: Beethoven Sonata No. 6 in F Major Op. 10, No. 2; Mozart Sonata No. 283 and Prokofiev Sonata No. 1, Op.1Gisela is also an established composer whose pieces have been premièred by renowned orchestras and ensembles around South America. He has been played at: Teatro Cervantes -Buenos Aires-; Universidad del Norte de Paraguay -Asuncion, Paraguay- and many other academic institutions.You can find some of this perfomances at her own composition-profile website: http://www.giselapaterno.com Qualifications:2008 - 2012 Masters in Composition. National University Institute of Arts -Buenos Aires Argentina-2006 - 2008 Bachelor with Honours, National University institute of Arts.1998 - 2005 Bachelor with honours in Music Pedagogy specialized in Piano teaching, Santa Ana Conservatoire -Buenos Aires, Argentina- Experience:13 Years of experience as Piano Teacher at the Republica Oriental del Uruguay School, Excelsior Private School and many other respectable institutions around Buenos Aires.

Senior Piano and Music Theory Teacher / coordinator


Gisela Paterno

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