J. Perdomo

Piano Teacher

His academic musical career began at the age of 15 at the municipal conservatoire of music in Havana, one of the most influential music institutions in Cuba, where I specialised in theoretical subjects and the piano. Following graduation, I was accepted onto a diploma course in sacred music at the Centro Cultural Padre Felix Varela in Havana, also linked to HfKM Regensburg, where I specialised in organ, harpsichord, choral conducting, liturgy, history of sacred music and singing. I graduated in May 2021.

I have taken every opportunity to actively involve myself in the historical music scene, most notably by participating as a production assistant at the last four iterations of Havana’s annual Semana de Música Sacra (Week of Sacred Music), where I collaborated with prestigious baroque musicians from Germany, Poland, Spain and the United States. I helped organise organ and harpsichord workshops with these professionals, essentially creating an invaluable space for the sharing of expertise and ideas on baroque and sacral music among both aspiring and professional musicians from around the world. Additionally, working as a private piano tutor for children in Havana allowed me to develop my communication skills, and put into practice all the musical knowledge I had acquired during my studies, but from a pedagogical perspective.