At WKMT we try to provide an proper service for each project specifications.That's why we have differentiated services that help amateurs and professionals to define appropriate budgets according to their level of expertise.

Assisted Recording

Mainly meant for singers or musicians seeking for professional advice and feedback during the session.

£30 per hour

Non-assisted recording

Mainly meant for professional musicians which can session without any musical counselling

£20 per hour


Maybe the most important part of the recording process. We warranty the most professionally and musical approach to mastering. All the process is handled by Juan Rezzuto who is  a professional composer and classical pianist under the most strict quality regulations.

£40 per hour

The mastering can together with the musicians or by the engineer on his own. In the last case the working hours are monitored by Camera the video is handed in under request as a proof of the time invested on the project.