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Whether you’re a singer or instrumentalist, Are you keen to learn music? Here's a list of software you can use to improve your musical skills, from piano learning apps for free to ear training on your smartphone!

Best free piano learning app

If so here the best five ways to improve your music skills. This article will help you learn about music focusing on five main subjects, all from the comfort of your own phone or tablet.

You can learn about them on the following topics: music reading/ sight-reading, ear trainingmusic theory, music composing, and all in one for early beginners along with their introductions, links and images representing from all the apps advised:

1. Music Reading / Sight-reading

App: Music Tutor (Sight-reading)

Amazing way to learn notes for starters and advanced!

Music Tutor app is the best app for those who wants to improve their sight-reading skills and improve their speed and accuracy in reading music by identifying the music notes in 1, 5,10-minute or infinity sessions.

This is one of the best free piano learning apps because when you are studying piano you really need to have your sight-reading on track!

As a student, you can help yourself with ear training and practising your listening (aural) skills by choosing to practise between treble, bass and/or alto clefs in your free time. As a tutor, set your student’s range of notes in 5 minutes sessions. Whether you are a tutor or student, lessons will be much more fun!

2. Ear Training

App: Aural Wiz

Hilarious interface and so easy to use!

Having a musician’s ear is one of the most essential skills you must learn with musical education. Aural Wiz provides you with all the fundamental music theory concepts of ear training for all levels.

You can learn about intervals, scales, modes, chords and cadences along with their formula, images representing the note positions on piano and audio files how they sound in Learning mode. In the other function Practice mode, a melodic or harmonic pattern will be played and you need to do is to identify the interval, scale, mode, chord or cadence. In the next article, we will discuss the best piano learning app and others piano app

3. Music Theory

App: Music Theory, with AUDIO

Fantastic app, quick and easy!

Learning music is not that easy as it covers many fundamentals and all needs to be done to build a music structure. Learning music theory is a must for students who want to be good musicians. With this app, improve your understanding of music theory faster and specifically focus on areas that you need to learn the most.

The app focuses on mainly sight-reading, ear training and playing music – by using Music Theory Flashcards. It’s also a large content material for the tutors. Sadly, it only exists on the Apple Store.

4. Music composing

App: Flat, Music Score & Tab Editor

Finally, a simple way to co-create and share compositions!

Flat is an amazing app for anyone who seeks to make a great score and looks up scores by other people and listen to their songs. You have a chance to create, edit, playback, print and export your sheet music and tabs, by the help of a variety of instruments and voices.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional composer, you can write, listen, share and discover music scores and also edit scores with your web browser and collaborate in real-time.

5. All in one for kids

App: Classics for Kids

Listen! Play! Learn! Classics for Kids will help you learn about classical music while having fun!

Music lessons may turn out to be boring and tricky and kids may be feeling a little overwhelmed when too many notes are being introduced. Even though it is not an app, open the website and keep your toddlers or preschool kids’ excitement for music burning.

Whether you are a parent or teacher you will find all the material, activities and game that use classical music to help children learn. It’s an amazing website, everything has been thought to develop your kids or students’ musical skills.

I hope you find this article helpful. During the Covid-19 outbreak, the best thing is to improve ourselves and our children’s skills. Wishing health and strength.

6. PlayScore2 - Director's choice!

I, Gisela Paterno, am part of a team of teachers at WKMT that we tried this app for our students and us, and with great success, I should add.

This app is terrific for either professional musicians who need to practice duets and can't find anyone to do it or for students of any level who would like to practice with the music playing to double-check for any mistakes.

The interface is delightfully easy and allows to play the piece by taking a photo of it and modifying the speed and instruments. Additionally, you can export the files to notation software such as Sibelius or Musescore.

It is 100% recommendable for all musicians!

Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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