Sabrina Curpanen: Living cassical life in London

The last two months have been really exciting and eventful. I have been teacher, student, accompanist and performer. Musicians can be really busy at times!

It has been already a year since my job application and interview for WKMT. I can`t thank enough: Juan (Director WKMT) for his hard work, incredible organisation skills, precision and accuracy in every single detail when it is time to organise concerts and events; Gisela (Staff Manager) who gave me the honour to perform her pieces and as this is not great enough she composed a piece for Hitomi (my fantastic friend and violinist with rare sensitivity and finesse) and me; Victor (Administrator) who is literally saving me from my disastrous IT skills and covering my back when I am late due to the numerous trains delays on Sunday morning.

I wish that WKMT success will grow as it deserves, because this studio offers from beginners to more advanced students the unique opportunity to experience Music in all its aspects: teaching, learning Piano and string instruments, recording professionally and also performing in amazing venues and on a proper Steinway!

My experience at WKMT has been a blast. Teaching can be frustrating at times as it might be difficult for some students to express what we are trying to communicate and we might take time finding different ways to make sure to get a certain result. At the same time, I find teaching very useful to improve my Piano playing skills; working slowly on a certain movement or technique always switches a light in my own daily practise. I thank all my students as they are an endless learning source for me!

As I mentioned above, I have been a student too as I had various lessons with my Piano teacher from the Royal Academy and an entire week of Masterclasses at Trinity Laban conservatoire in London. I think it is an essential part of my life as a Musician to exchange ideas and opinions with experienced teachers and performers; I find it motivating, challenging and a good way to keep that healthy competitive side of me.

The repertoire included the breath-taking Schubert song cycle Die schöne Müllerin, Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata, Strauss Violin Sonata, Mozart Sonata for 2 pianos, Holst Jupiter for 2 pianos, Schubert Gran Rondeau for piano 4 hands and many more.

After this hard work, I think it is a good reward for a Musician to perform in front of an audience and in June and July I had various opportunities:

- On the 22nd June, I performed at Aylesbury with my friend Hitomi (Beethoven Violin Sonatas n. 6-9).

- On the 7th July, I performed with my friend tenor at Hemel Hempstead (Schubert Die schöne Müllerin).

- On the 22nd July I performed the works for 4 hands and 2 pianos at the Italian Institute of Culture.

- And this amazing term culminated on the performance of the 29th July organised by WKMT at the stunning St. Cuthbert Church in Earls Court. This concert was incredibly emotional as my friend Hitomi planned to go back to Japan after her Masters at the Royal Academy which means that it was the last performance together. Gisela contributed to create a unique event thanks to her beautiful, heartfelt composition “Lorien” dedicated to Hitomi and me.

Thank you Gisela for such a precious present.

Looking forward to the next term fulfilled with teaching, performances and beautiful music.

In the meantime, have a nice and relaxing holidays!

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