During our piano teachers meeting on the 9th of April 2019 at WKMT Kensington, we discussed two main topics.

*Article creation process *Monthly concerts promotion

Article creation process

We agreed the ideal article writing process would involve: Brainstorming: During this stage, we can use any available spare time just to think about ideas and see how they might integrate with each other to configure an article. We can also think about the main topic and how it relates to someone, something or its context.

*Length: Articles should always be at least 500 words. If we happened to have written an article of more than 1000 words, then we have the option of splitting it into two halves and deliver it in two different dates.

*Pictures for our article: This is a critical topic! Please remember we can only use images that are labelled on google as “labelled for reuse” and are 2MB or larger. Alternatively, we can also pictures that we have taken ourselves, as far as they don’t include people.

*Type of articles: Articles can aim to describe a fact, convince someone to do something, build a contrast between two characteristics.

*Articles could also follow an overruling logic. This concept could be of great help as it aids the brainstorming stage. It also creates anticipation in our readers. This strategy together with the splitting of articles in two deliveries can help to build a loyal audience through the time.

Concert promotion

Organising regular monthly concerts wouldn’t make any sense without support the events through the right promotion process. With this purpose is that we apply a collection of actions that help to ensure the spreading of the news about our concert.

*Teachers advise It is fundamental for our teachers to be aware of the characteristics of the forthcoming event to be prepared not only to mention the concert but also to motivate their students to attend. With that purpose is that every teacher to create their own idea about the nature of the concert. They should be aware of the performer or the ensemble involved in the event, the programme and the time.

*Director’s notice WKMT director, will in turns speak to each student either in person or via the online webcams everyone knows about this important event.

*SMS and Newsletter WKMT administrator will also send an SMS and a newsletter to all our studentship as a way to reinforce the idea of the concert, its date and its details.

*Leaflets, posters and physical material A4 posters, flyers and posters will be a sight in all our venues. Ideally, we have to make sure we hand in one leaflet to each student is available.

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