Importance of Finger Exercises - Piano Tip

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

When we practice piano or any other instrument, one of our goals is continuously developing our finger technique. Having a high level finger technique helps us master any instrument and enlarges the amount and level of repertoire that we can approach and also, it reduces the time and effort spent on learning a piece.

One key thing, piano tip, to remember is the fact that you never have to stop doing finger exercises because apart from improving our technique, it is very important to maintain it. Like any other physical skill, it needs to be done regularly in order to progress and maintain.

One great score to begin with is “The virtuoso Pianist” by Hanon. When practicing the Hanon or any other finger exercises remember to never aim for high speed but for clarity and control. Speed will come naturally in time. If you experience any kind of muscle pain or signs of discomfort, STOP and relax your hands. Practicing a finger exercise and not doing the correct movements may damage your muscles and it may stop you from playing for a long time. Always read the instructions written in the book or ask your teacher for advice.

Because we all have different technical issues, creating your own finger exercises might be a good idea as well. Try using scales and create your own finger exercises which help improve your technical weaknesses. Always try to be creative when it comes to finger exercises. One piano tip: play around with all sorts of games in order to improve and enjoy it in the same time.

For me, a day without any finger exercises is like not having my morning coffee. Practicing only pieces is not enough and it will never be, regardless of time spent on them. Think of professional football players. In their training sessions, only a small part of it is actually playing football. Try to take this as a good example of the steps you need to follow in order to gain high technical skills.

In conclusion, practice your finger exercises regularly, never aim for speed but aim for control, clarity and make sure you practice them correctly.

There is an article related if you want to know more about finger dexterity:

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