Piano Lessons London - Rachmaninov No. 3 at St. Cuthbert's

Updated: Jan 7

It was a great pleasure to share with our students such a lovely evening of music and learning.

The concert started with Mozart Sonata for two pianos in D Major. We were very lucky to hear it performed at A 430Hz, very close to the original temperament used in the XVIII century by Mozart himself. The sonata was then followed by the original arrangement of Rachmaninov Concerto No. 3 for two pianos. This magnificent piece was written by Rachmaninov himself to be rehearsed with another music giant: Horowitz. For that reason, this arrangement works extraordinarily well.

Both pieces were performed by Sabrina Curpanen and Sergio Kozlica, teachers at WKMT. I take the chance to remark that both professionals spend most of their times sharing their passion with their students. They teach full time and keep up with their performer careers.

The setting was fabulous; the wonderful St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens and its superlative antique instruments are just a treat. A small crowd of 50 guests enjoyed with a great deal of exclusivity this private performance surrounded by art and religion in one of the most famous London churches. The acoustics were just inspiring, allowing the audience to experience an almost orchestral effect.

Although the tuning was lower than usual, Rachmaninov worked phenomenally well. The largest piano was louder but possessed a rounder sound quality which allowed the smaller Bechstein to stand out. This piano combination enhanced the orchestral impression providing as with an enveloping but rather silk orchestral accompaniment combined with a bright and dynamic sound for the soloist interpretation.

We are infinitely grateful to have seen so many studio members at the concert and we are looking forward to providing more of these musical experiences to our teachers and students. Music is meant to be shared and at WKMT we work hard to make sure we all get the chance to experience it.

Don't miss our next article with Srdan's performance!

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