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Updated: Jan 14

As some people are back to their piano classes after having some time away over the summer period, this is an ideal opportunity to remind them of a necessity of the principle of gradualness. This means that when coming back to their pianos, despite of being fired up by a musical excitement and by their refreshed friendship with the instrument, they should approach their work with a sense of calmness and control over the matter and dive into the piano practice and music making in a gradual way, slowly returning to their normal routines. There might be a completely different reason for the principle of gradualness in the case of students who are of a more " dreamy" or "floating" nature because in such instances all the music and work needs to be slowly re-injected and re-established following phases of work bit by bit. While it is also true that with that sort of personalities a "shock therapy" kind of approach may also work, that one also needs to be dealt carefully.

Regardless of a student's type, some of the first things to take care of is a slow tempo practice and it is paramount to remind them of at least some of the most important technical/mechanical principles of the piano playing technique, and therefore we arrive to the Scaramuzza technique and I can notice that some people really need to be reminded of this kind of matters. It is tremendously important as it influences the entire performance, not just in scales and other technical work, but also in the pieces, both from the physical/mechanical standpoint as well as from the more artistic standpoint, because of each physical activity results in the kind of sound we produce. However, this is a consequential manifestation of a process that precedes it and that one is the music itself with all its expressions. All the above mentioned needs to be dealt with care and a proper measure, bit by bit, allowing the students to gradually come back to their musical and piano home

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