Since 2010 WKMT relates with different piano purveyors in London and the UK. This directory summarizes our knowledge about companies and traders.


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Markson Pianos

London's famous piano store, founded in 1910, is a fourth-generation family business. We specialise in the sale and hire of new and secondhand (pre-owned) acoustic and digital, upright and grand pianos.

We aim to offer good value for money, expert advice and unparalleled after sales service through the essential ingredients of a superb selection of pianos for sale and hire.

Our services include hire, maintenance, restoration, removal and tuning of pianos, together with supplying you with the latest technology the music industry has to offer, such as retrofit self-playing mechanisms and silent systems. We specialise in long and short term piano hire in London, the south east and the UK.

At Markson Pianos, we are proud to cater for all your piano needs and our professional, dedicated and experienced staff reflect the service and knowledge we offer our customers.

Address: 7-8, Albany St, London NW1 4BU


Phone: 020 7935 8682


website: www.marksonpianos.com

In general beginner students go to piano shops looking for digital pianos with weighted keys -piano students also look for deals which include a piano stand and a stool-. They normally base their enquiries on electric piano reviews they find online in an attempt of acquiring a cheap piano or weighted keyboard, that can allow them to practice. The final aim of every search is to find the best digital piano for beginners and/or the best digital piano shop in London. Piano auctions are another option. The London Piano Auctions is London’s most popular and traditional piano auction house, they normally have around 80 pianos on display. The latter is definitely the best source of second-hand pianos in London.


The truth is that there are only a handful of piano stores that can be referred to as “reliable”. The strong competition that exists between piano shops in London sometimes push retailers to adopt a rather predatorial approach to customers. Since 2010 WKMT welcomed more than 1500 piano students, nevertheless we never feel confident enough to recommend any piano shop in London, until now.


Markson’s Pianos is definitely a name to keep in mind if you are looking into buying your next piano. They founded their company around 1910 and they have been helping people to find the best piano for four generations. Why do we recommend them? Because they are truly committed to finding the best match between pianist and instrument. They provide pianos to the most famous concert halls in London, and most importantly they are deeply concerned about customer satisfaction. They have made themselves ready to help students in the best way possible, either by offering the most suitable piano at the best price possible or by organising a piano rental scheme.


We are also aware of the existence of many other piano shops like Yamaha Music London -the Yamaha shop in London-, Peregrine’s pianos, Morley pianos, Knightsbridge pianos, Jaques Samuel, Mark Goodwin Pianos, Robert Morley and Co. Ltd, Music Land (UK) Ltd. and Vale Pianos. We have interacted with Knightsbridge pianos by referring students for piano rentals. The service was very good too.


But in general, if you are looking to acquire the best possible advice when trying to purchase your first piano or if you want to make a wise decision when upgrading, our advice is to first ask your piano teacher and then go to Markson’s pianos.