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Piano lessons in Redbridge by WKMT
The largest private piano studio in London since 2010



 Maestro Juan Rezzuto, has committed his life to piano and teaching. Helping and sharing his musical knowledge is one of his biggest passions. He has been aiding both students to relate to music and artists since 2010.



Where is WKMT located?


WKMT is based in two locations around the city: West Kensington and Camberwell.

 Both are well connected by tube lines, bus lines and car parks.

We will also provide you with Home Tuition lessons.



Our opening times?


WKMT opens from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Our admin team will endeavour to provide you with time options for you to choose from.



WKMT providing you with Home Tuition lessons.


We welcome you to our headquarters in West Kensington to enjoy your Trial Lesson.

Immerse yourself into the music and piano world in our studio.

Let us introduce and present our team and how we work.

This lesson will serve as your piano assessment or induction. After this session, we are ready to set up your Home Tuition lessons if you prefer rather coming to our studio.


 You will keep enjoying all the benefits of being a member of WKMT: complimentary concerts, no cancellation/cover teachers, master classes, music theory courses and festivals.


How will your experience be at WKMT?


You will join one of the largest piano studios in our city. This gives you the chance of joining a great, motivational and inspiring environment.

You will have the chance of meeting students, teachers and people interested in music. You will also keep in touch with our latest concerts, festivals and events organised by WKMT.


You will also be encouraged to perform at our bi-annual festivals!


Who said it is too late?


Even if it is your first time learning piano, you stand a big chance of making amazing progress. The secret: practising. 

We teach students from beginners to professional levels


It is never too late to start experiencing the wonderful world of classical music!


Join our 100% rate of success at ABRSM Examinations

Would you like to start at WKMT?



Learning how to play the piano is much easier than you ever thought!


Give us a call at 02071014479 and our team will help you to book your trial lesson at our studio.



You can also reach us on secretariat@wkmt.co.uk




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Piano Tutor in Redbridge
Check directions to get our studios:
- West Kensington: W14 9LT
- Camberwell: SE5 7NJ
- Do not forget we could provide you with home tuition lessons in case you don't feel like to travel.