WKMT is able to bring your piano lessons closer to you

by WKMT London

Reception at WKMT Kensington


A piano studio close to you wherever you live or work in London.

WKMT, after years, providing piano lessons in West Kensington, and thanks to the success we experienced, we could expand ourselves, reaching more students in London.

We believe in the importance of music learning in schools or academies, rather than at home. For that reason, we develop our studios location-wise.

We can provide you with your music tuition at three London locations. Our teachers will be able to move from these three locations, so which is even more convenient for you and your availability.

These locations are: 
West Kensington, our headquarters in London, Bermondsey, serving City of London students, and Camberwell, serving South London students.

All these three locations have been specifically chosen for their optimum accessibility, always near to public transport. 

Independent Reviews

We believe in independent reviewing.

Our piano lessons are validated by happy students through seven years of continuous work​, and we would like to show you.

Thay way you could ensure yourself about the satisfaction of our tuition through other students opinions.

WKMT London Piano Studios...

Are open Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm

Have hourly rates from £36.00

 We will also Attend all London Zones

Train students for Grade examinations or for their own enjoyment

Piano teachers near me. “Piano lessons near me” with WKMT.


We are happy to have expanded our reach to as far as London Zone 6!

From 2016 WKMT can reach you virtually anywhere in London. 

We have been teaching piano with optimum results for more than ten years. Our main studio is located at the heart of West London, just one minute from West Kensington Station.


Our in-house specialized piano teachers near me are trained to deliver high-quality piano lessons based on the “Vicente Scaramuzza” piano technique and the best British piano practices. 

We can teach you at your place, our nearest affiliated studio or our central house. We now offer practising rooms all around London. 

Joining WKMT means joining a proper organization focused on music.

We are more than just piano teachers. We will also provide you with Classical concerts, piano festivals, piano masterclass, practice rooms, piano recordings, music blog, and more.


All this specially designed for you to enjoy fully the music world. 

The most complete piano approach in London with WKMT.


Open weekdays and weekends

Our Studios open from 
Monday to Sunday 
from 9am to 9pm.
Booking classes at WKMT is as easy as calling or emailing us. Our Admin team is at your disposal Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.
We make sure your lessons are a pleasure from the beginning to the end. 

We have a 100% rate of success preparing students for their board examinations.


This is after 10 years of sending dozens of students every season! 

We are experts teaching students outside of the Grade Syllabus too! Our tailored programs are designed to cover the exact style of music you prefer. Our fundamental approach is based on the classical tradition.

Allow yourself to benefit from the most professional piano tuition service available in London. Learning piano through private piano lessons is easy with WKMT. Come to WKMT and start to enjoy playing piano as you never thought you could do before...

piano lessons near me
piano lessons near me

Joining WKMT means you have access to the whole classical music experience. Our studio runs its own established music festivals which welcome students from all ages and levels. We promote our students and professionals musicians and we organize spectacular concerts and galas around London and England on a regular basis. Beginner piano students are welcome. With WKMT you are closer to finding your ideal piano teacher.

Piano lessons near me with WKMT

the most professional piano lessons in London now round the corner...

  Why WKMT is your best choice for “piano lessons near me” in London



How do we manage to be near you?

Organization. For that reason, since 2016 we have opened two new branches in Bermondsey and in Camberwell. Our piano students are used to our high-quality service, so keeping both up with those standards demanded both hard work and professionalism.  



We have physical and high-profile venues

We don’t believe in immaterial organizations or agencies. We strongly believe piano teaching and piano classes can only be trustworthy if they have their own headquarters.  

Kensington will keep on being our central house, as well as Bermondsey. The latter would be as well our headquarters for East London. But Camberwell now became our headquarters for South London.



We are not a piano teacher agency

If you choose to go for home tuition you can rest assured that we know who we are sending to you. This is not an agency. All our teachers are studio-piano-teachers first! This means they need to work with our premises for at least 60 hours before being assigned home tuition students. 


Our recruitment process that guarantees success!


Our recruitment process is just TOUGH. Six hours of viewings, examinations, 6 months or 300 hours trial period and regularly monitored lessons guarantee our quality and consistency. Our cover teachers are well entangled with the organization, our professionals know each other and we follow one single method.  Keeping up with a proper piano practice is not easy, fortunately for our students, that’s exactly the job we love!




WKMT Piano Teachers in action


All our piano teachers are either concert pianists or accompanists. You will have the chance to see them performing in several concerts organised by WKMT in London.

Once you sign up, you will be invited to all our musical events happening in London along the year.

Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart some of the composers usually played by our tutors. Also violin concertos, and singing performances.


Here we share some of the concerts by our Director Juan Rezzuto, and some of the piano teachers team. Also a rehearsal in our studio by the Senior piano teacher Sabrina Curpanen playing Kreutzer Beethoven piano and violin Sonata.



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