WKMT London and the Vicente Scaramuzza piano technique now in Edinburgh 

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the most internationally famous piano technique...

Piano lessons Edinburgh - WKMT defines piano teaching standards in the London private piano practice sphere since 2011. We are the largest private piano studio in London and our approach is eminently based on spreading the knowledge of what we are sure is the most famous piano technique of all times: the “Vicente Scaramuzza Piano Technique”. We integrate this comprehensive and motivating approach with the best British piano practices. In this way, we guarantee all our students’ success in both their vocational endeavors and their GRADE examinations. 
Our students have 100% rate of success at ABRSM and Trinity College grade examinations. We also count with several scholars currently studying at Trinity College Laban London - UK, NRCM Glasgow - UK and Boston Conservatory USA. We work hard to guarantee the best conditions so the passion for music can properly flourish.

Educational Consistency




Professional Recordings


REAL AND TRANSPARENT TEACHER TRAINING: Our regular Masterclasses and professional development training

Our piano teachers are both, tutors we trust and our ambassadors in Edinburgh. For that reason we have a serious and systematic teacher training schedule which keeps them in touch and attending all our London-based seminars through our innovative online system. These classes are delivered by leading professionals of the London piano sphere.


We can provide you with piano lessons on the distance too. Our studio is fully equiped for that and we currently have a great portfolio of students having piano lessons via online. Every lesson is reported and monitored by professionals of the piano.


Trust your piano lessons in professionals from London. Do give us a chance and you won't regret it.


Our reporting system is a unique feature of our piano tuition service. It allows you to be fully aware of your progress through the lessons while it enables our directive team to monitor your student-teacher educational integration. Thanks to our report system and our consistent and constant teachers training, we can guarantee the educational consistency throughout all our piano courses.


A convenient and easy piano-teacher cover system.
The key phrase “Piano lessons Edinburgh” couldn’t have possibly led you to a more comfortable way of learning piano in Edinburgh. Your lessons will no longer depend on the availability of a single teacher. Our professional monitoring and reporting system guarantees educational consistency throughout all of our professionals. 



All our professionals in Edinburgh are ready to cover their mutual students professionally and seemlessly.

All this precision is achieved by keeping a close contact with or teachers and our students. Our monitoring process is constant and our teachers training never stops. We have constant staff meetings, seminars and masterclasses. Most of them integrated digitally, broadcasted from London to Edinburgh, Buenos Aires and Edinburgh. This bridge between these wonderful cultural capitals enrich our practice and defines us not only as a quality piano teaching organization but also as consistent, international and multi-perspective institution which integrates these very far points into one single creative axis. Piano lessons Edinburgh is part of this international endevour



Our Festivals are recorded professionally, both in audio and video. 
We are currently running the 7th edition of our now bi-yearly Music Festival at Pushkin House, Fitzrovia, London.  It is planned to be hosted in 12th of MAY 2018. We always choose the best instruments and most professional sound engineers to guarantee the resulting portfolio video is of value and truly enhances our students’ CV. 
We’ve been organizing superb musical events since 2010 and our high profile venues include New Wardour Castle (for Jasper Conran), Burgh House -Hampstead London (three editions), Leighton House, Arts Club, London, amongst others. We believe musical environments truly matter and that is why our concerts always take place at the most inspiring halls and piano rooms in the UK.


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