Piano melodic harmonisation 

These exercises were designed to progressively learn the fundamentals of melodic harmonisation in the jazz and popular genre.


There are many texts written for the tradition of harmonising melodies in 4- part vocal style, but relatively few in the field of modern keyboard harmony.

These exercises will help you, simply but thoroughly, how to choose and voice modern chords, the nature of chord progressions, and instruction into extending and altering chords. It will be of value to all students of composition and musical arrangement, and also to classically trained pianists who yearn to play modern sounds and extend their harmonic vocabulary.

Triads in C 

In this first exercises will see how to use all the possibilities we can use when we work with triads, using root position, first and second inversion with the right hand, while we play the root on the bass with the left hand:

Triads in G 
Triads in F 
Triads in C minor