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How to play piano – At WKMT we are experienced in giving our piano students the best tools to learn how to play piano in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible. 

In fact, the confort we provide starts from the atention we pay to the studying environment...

Full Flexible booking system: our main objective is to effectively suit your piano lessons to your bustling timetable. Consistency is critical to succeed in learning how to play piano. You can come to WKMT piano studios at any point Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm. 

Our highly committed and experienced piano teachers: Counting with the best piano tutors is paramount to help our students getting the best results from ther piano lessons. Figuring out how to play the piano can be overwhelming when wrongly guided. 

The best environment: At WKMT we number with the best private-piano-practice premises in London. No detail is left unattended. You should do nothing more than sitting in front of our pianos to get inspired by the music and the environment. Our fine furniture and art collection is continually redesigned to stay appealing and full of its dynamic sentiment of fresh indulgence. Learning how to play piano is a delight at WKMT! 

Music Festivals: Established music celebrations thought for you!

At WKMT we trust our piano pupils require clear objectives. Learning how to play piano would be negligible if we didn't aim the training towards participating in quality performance events. Our shows are held in prominent venues such as Burgh House, Pushkin House, 1901 Arts Club - Waterloo, Palacio Sans Souci - Buenos Aires and many more. 

5 years of experience preparing ABRSM and Trinity College grade examinations: Training piano pupils for Grade examinations constitutes an important part of our daily activities. We are pleased with our 100% rate of success amongst all our students from any age or level. 

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