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New-student introductory packs*


Camberwell / Home Tuition Standard * 6 hours £279.00 


Kensington & Bermondsey * 6 hours £339.00


Home Tuition Premium * 6 hours £450.00


* Up to Grade 5 standard





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Off-peak times: Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm

On-peak options give you the freedom to choose between Off peak and On peak times along the duration of your pack.

*These packages include Administration fees and examination instances (milestones). 

The 12-hour packages include administration fees and milestones too.

For full details consult Item NO. 20 MILESTONES of the Terms and Conditions.

*The 120-hour package is recommended for families or for students taking at least two hours a week



The difference between the price per hour by the total number of hours and the full pack price belongs to Admin fees.

These Admin fees are designed to cover the following concepts:

These expenses cover services as:
1. Report monitoring by the director, Juan Rezzuto. This process is fundamental to keep the quality of our lessons regardless of the teacher in charge.
2. Educational consultations. Our director and his partners remain available to discuss any matter related to their students' musical education.
3. [only packages organised after 11.11.2018] Bookings, cancellations, and rebookings. Our administration team remains available Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm to attend any booking request made via email or phone with exception of when the studio is closed.
4. Teacher changes. Our director and administration team remain available to deal with any inquiry related to teacher adjudications and change requests.
5. Teacher training. This covers the costs of keeping our teachers in tune with the studio tuition approach through weekly appointments conducted by our director and partners. These meetings are open to the WKMT studentship.
6. Festivals. Festival-participations are covered by milestones
7. Monthly concerts. As opposed to paying normal tickets - from £15 to £25 per person depending on the concert -, WKMT students can bring up to 15 of their guests to our events at no extra cost. Only a single booking fee of £8 to £10 will be charged per WKMT party.
8. Internal examinations and in-person monitoring. These tasks are carried out by the director and his partners.
9. Joining or re-joining fees. Administration fees cover the time spent by the administration when creating a new account, arranging a new contract and/ or organizing a new payment scheme.