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Are you looking to start composition lessons? Are you located near or in St James’?​  


Our Composition London team directed by Gisela Paterno and Juan Rezzuto will give you the best instruction for composing music. Both are a powerhouse of music composers and performers whose musical career lead to premiering pieces in Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, USA and UK with commissions worldwide.​


WKMT opened its doors in 2010 and since then has helped many artists and students from around the world and from diverse musical backgrounds to become inspired and high-quality music composers.​

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Where are WKMT studios located?


Our music lessons in London are in West Kensington W14 9LT, 17 minutes away from St. James’ underground station; and our new branch in Camberwell SE5 7NJ, 35 minutes away from St. James’ underground station. Both of them are fully-equipped and offers an inspired environment for our students.



Which is our availability?


WKMT has a wide timetable offer from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm.​



Does WKMT deliver home tuition?​


Yes, we count with a professional and reliable team of teachers that work under our supervision who goes to the comfort of your home. The first lesson is conducted at Kensington Studios for your assessment, induction, and planning. Then, your musical instruction will continue at your place or work premises​



How is the student community like at WKMT?


We are happy to welcome a cosmopolitan and musically eclectic community of people. From GCSE or A-level students to College and University students and high-profile composers who are always seeking to improve or needs the advice to present their pieces in composition competitions, film composers who need to understand the specific techniques to amateur composers who wants to learn the craft of musical composition in depth. Any style is welcomed in WKMT, from classical to contemporary experimental, extending the boundaries of House, Rock, Blues, Jazz and film music.​

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Is it difficult to start lessons with WKMT?


Not at all. Just call the studio at 02071014479 from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. We are ready to answer any question you may have regarding the lessons or the first lesson booking to become a music composer at WKMT.​

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How is WKMT tuition approach?


Your one-to-one composition lessons are just a part of the musical experience created by WKMT. Music Composition should be developed in all its three main aspects: we need to understand it, we need to appreciate it and we need to create it.

WKMT studio brings a thorough and solid composition technique that comprises from medieval music to the most avant-gard contemporary techniques, including music production, music theory, guitar and piano applied to your composition training which will enhance and enrich your inner musicality.


Most importantly, we are the only composition practice in London which benefits the music composer students to premiere their pieces in our WKMT festivals in the most prestigious venues in London, such as Arts Club 1901 in Waterloo with a professional film and recording; and thanks to our top of the range performers, our students can have the asset to have their pieces ready to present to competitions, scholarships or build their portfolios.


Would you like to enquire further?

Please, don’t hesitate in calling us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm, a member of our team will be very happy to answer all your questions. You are just one step away from your musical adventure... 

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